Your Subconscious Mind

So, within the last few months, in most of my dreams that have people in them, the people are ridiculing me and rejecting me. The reoccurring characters in my dreams are my ex-boyfriend, my ex best friend and my Mother, though sometimes the perpetrator is a friend I have become newly acquainted with. Especially with the dreams involving my ex best friend, I am becoming completely vulnerable with her and asking to work things out between us and be friends again. But she is always condescending and acts like I am inferior to her and does not humble herself to agree to the prospect of friendship with me again, which was the very attitude she had cultivated during the time that our bond was dissolving. I have had 3 major relationships fail in my life, and I have to admit it is terrifying to let anyone in, and when I do become vulnerable with someone, afterwards I become awash with distrust of the person’s motives, which may I say, makes developing friendships a unnecessarily complicated task for me. Don’t confuse me for a New Ager just because I am discussing dreams. I do think that the mind is a complex system that we barely have a grasp on, and that the existence of a subconscious mind is completely probable. After months of having these rather disturbing dreams as well as struggling somewhat socially, I decided to do a Google search on healing the subconscious mind. I hope you benefit from it as much as I did!


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